Every day is a school day

I'm a student of T'ai Chi Ch'uan & Qigong, I've spent the last 16 years learning, studying & practising. I recall how challenging it was for me initially learning the basic 'steps'. I remember thinking “If I stick at this & practice daily it will get easier....” I've never been more wrong about anything in my life!

Yet herein lies the joy of the everlasting journey, the process of continuous refinements, peeling away the layers of the proverbial onion. Each time I attain a new skill level I realise how much farther yet beyond me the horizons of T'ai Chi Ch'uan extend.

I've been teaching now for 13 years, the Roman philosopher Seneca said “While we teach, we learn.” 

I have found the need to have clarity & understanding of the subject necessary to explain it to others has been extremely beneficial in deepening my perception. I derive much joy in being able to share in those 'light bulb moments' with my students when we find some alternative manner of expressing a point that provides us a shared comprehension. 

Teaching brings many rewards, it's true, but I must study in order to teach.

At the weekend I attended a Silk Reeling & Qigong Saturday morning workshop with Eva Koskuba (Chinese Internal Arts Association). It was a time for me to give my full concentration to learning, a chance to rest my teaching hat & stretch my student muscles. I admit it felt great to be completely absorbed in the moment, to let someone else lead & provide the instruction (especially a teacher with such great energy, enthusiam & knowledge as Eva). During the session we were afforded plenty of time to really feel into the movement & energy as we worked. Some of the exercises I had experienced before, it's always good to return & refresh, there were also a few new (to me) exercises such as 'Dragonfly Skims Over the Water' which I am very excited about bringing to class & sharing in deepening our understanding together.

Angie Thomas
Chief Instructor

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